Direct 2 Garment Printing



your logo, your label, your motto

When it comes to your brand, you want the highest quality available.  Your logo is how customers identify you, and if it doesn't stand out, then neither will you.  Our Omniprint Freejet 330TX Plus is the best in the business when it comes to sharp, crisp, colorful details.  Use the best DTG robot in the business so that your logo, labels and mission look professional.  To really grab customers attention, put them on high quality shirts and hoodies like NextLevel, Bella Canvas, eConscious, Gildan or select from several brands that we supply.

There's vinyl press and silk screen, but then there's DTG.  Direct to Garment allows for gradient coloring, infinite colors, tiny details and bright colors.  There's no comparison.  You want your message and logo printed with a direct to garment printer, and Vertical Street does it the best.