Doggy Bandanna and ID

Your dog will look cool and carry their contact information just in case they're lost. Choose a graphic, or we'll make a custom design involving their name. Assorted colors, even tie dye. Cool dogs wear bandannas. Don't let the other dogs mock your dog's run of the mill collar and tag. Get Rose a bandanna for Pete's sake! #dtg #dtgprints #dtgprinting #dogs #bandanna #collar #dog #cat #cats #pets #ID #rose #yellowrose #petsafety

Your best friend on a shirt

Hi everyone. We were thrifting last week and came upon this shirt (third picture), so although it's not a Vertical Street dtg shirt, it got us thinking about our friend who painted our shop dog Burl (second picture). Not only can Susi paint your pet (or favorite wild flower), but Vertical Street can then put it on a wearable piece of art for you (shirt, hoodie, tote). We can caption it, or not. You can take your friend with you where ever you g