Wear your mask.

Our customer up the road wanted to let everyone know the reason why they wear a mask. On the back of this shirt it says, "Do you?" We think it is a show of humanitarianism to wear a mask around the people serving you everyday; postal workers, wait staff, cashiers, grocers, retailers, etc. We all rely on our paychecks, and if we put others in jeopardy of loosing they pay because they're home sick, it a sign of self centeredness. Care about your family, friends, and all tho

Are you practicing safe six? Masking for a friend.

BREAKING: The world's top infectious disease scientists say that staying six feet apart (or farther) from one another and wearing a mask can stop or slow the spread of Coronavirus. By practicing these simple measure, you could help eliminate Covid19. Okay, everyone already knows this, but do it anyway. #covid #covid19 #safesix #safesex #corona #coronavirus #socialdistancing #2020 #mask #covid19safety #respect #maskup #wearamask #sixfootrule #onemeterrule #twometerrule #publi

Social Distancing

It's still relevent, we're all tired of it, but please practice it - social distancing. This long sleeve shirt says it all. Spread that wingspan and show people that you're aware of the six foot rule. Social distancing is safe, helps stop or slow the spread of covid19, and sometimes it's downright necessary. Keep you distance people! This shirt will help remind you and others to be safe. #socialdistancing #covid19 #corona #coronavirus #sixfeet #sixfeetrule #twometerrule