Working 9-5

Here's a classic concert shirt that we could only find a semi-descent washed out image of, so we spent a while cleaning it up. A dear friend and Dolly fan requested it, and as you can see, she's a bit indecisive when it comes to color , so.... The razor back tank is a poly/rayon/cotton blend, so I printed it as if was on 100% polyester, and it came out bright and great. Hopefully it washes well too. Who's your favorite singer? We have to admit, we're big Dolly fans as we

Disc Golf

Who doesn't like to wander around in nature and throw things as far as you possibly can? Well, it's not as simple as that, but as many of you know, disc golf courses are everywhere. In the woods, in parks, within a golf course. The shiney metal basket call for you to whip a disc through towering trees, or over a creek to get that much closer to the glorious sound of the disc hitting the chains and falling in the basket to hole out. Here are some shirts we made for a disc g

South Coast Bicycles, Bandon OR

Did you know that the bike shop in Bandon, Oregon just changed ownership? Previous owner, race icon Karl Maxon, is helping new owner Jeff Botelho transition as shop owner - and the place is looking spectacular! Please visit them for all your bicycle accessory needs or rent their fat tire beach bikes. I heard they have every innertube size available. They even have some disc golf stuff, so check that out. We know, there aren't many bikes on the shelves, but that's everywh

Wear your mask.

Our customer up the road wanted to let everyone know the reason why they wear a mask. On the back of this shirt it says, "Do you?" We think it is a show of humanitarianism to wear a mask around the people serving you everyday; postal workers, wait staff, cashiers, grocers, retailers, etc. We all rely on our paychecks, and if we put others in jeopardy of loosing they pay because they're home sick, it a sign of self centeredness. Care about your family, friends, and all tho

Doggy Bandanna and ID

Your dog will look cool and carry their contact information just in case they're lost. Choose a graphic, or we'll make a custom design involving their name. Assorted colors, even tie dye. Cool dogs wear bandannas. Don't let the other dogs mock your dog's run of the mill collar and tag. Get Rose a bandanna for Pete's sake! #dtg #dtgprints #dtgprinting #dogs #bandanna #collar #dog #cat #cats #pets #ID #rose #yellowrose #petsafety

Dish Towels

Holidays are coming, so if you want a Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah dish towel, hit us up. Here are some examples of our novelty towels that we sell at pop-up events. If you have a clever saying or a graphic that you want on a dish towel simply contact Vertical Street and we'll gladly get the ball rolling. These are great for your kitchen or beach house or take them camping or put them in your RV or trailer. Customize for yourself or as a gift. Bar towels

Political T-shirts

Maybe it's the current climate in the USA, or maybe we're carving out a niche for ourselves, but it sure seems like Vertical Street is printing up a lot more political shirts these days. Maybe people are sick and tired of being sick and tired, so they're speaking out about the things that matter, the things they truely believe in. It feels good to tell the world how you feel. Let a stranger know, let a relative see, watch a passerby read the message on your shirt. This is

Tie Dye Bike Packing

It's summer, and if you want to social distance for realzies, bike packing might not be a bad option. Depending on where you go, you might not see other humans for days. The continental divide trail is fairly popular but a big commitment. You could just strap some gear to your bike and ride to your closest secret spot or camp ground, pitch a tent, eat a cheese sandwich and ride home the next day. Escapes are good for the soul, and in this case, good for the body. Keep mas

Your best friend on a shirt

Hi everyone. We were thrifting last week and came upon this shirt (third picture), so although it's not a Vertical Street dtg shirt, it got us thinking about our friend who painted our shop dog Burl (second picture). Not only can Susi paint your pet (or favorite wild flower), but Vertical Street can then put it on a wearable piece of art for you (shirt, hoodie, tote). We can caption it, or not. You can take your friend with you where ever you g

Tie Dye Prints

Vertical Street did some tie dye hoodies and long sleeve shirts and masks. Fun, colorful, and the prints look extra bold against the morphing dye colors. Popular and trendy, these tie dyes are for young and old. Let us know what we can do for you. #dtg #dtgprinting #dtgprints #tiedye #safesix #covid #mountainbike #mtb #dragon #hippy #gratefuldead #trippy

Social Distancing

It's still relevent, we're all tired of it, but please practice it - social distancing. This long sleeve shirt says it all. Spread that wingspan and show people that you're aware of the six foot rule. Social distancing is safe, helps stop or slow the spread of covid19, and sometimes it's downright necessary. Keep you distance people! This shirt will help remind you and others to be safe. #socialdistancing #covid19 #corona #coronavirus #sixfeet #sixfeetrule #twometerrule

Work Shirts!

Ok, back to work. Wait! Stay home. Alright, get to work. Hold on! No, best you shelter in place. It's confusing, but what's not confusing is that you have a business and a brand, and we're here to help you sell it. Look at these dandy shirts for MRM Mobile Repair Service. They're smart enough to know that now is the best time to check some things off the old to-do list. Work shirts for your customers or team are a great way to advertise your services. Standing in lin

Bicycles and shirts

Congratulations to Jeff Botelho. He is in the process of purchasing South Coast Bicycles in Bandon. If you read our last post, you know we are passionate about bicycles and the bike community. We will be supporting Jeff in his new endeavor by volunteering our time and to help clean shop and branding some new shirts for the shop. What an exciting time to be a shop owner, with sales up around the nation, and the beautiful Oregon Coast on their doorstep, this could be the pe

See, Hear, Support

There's a fine line between earnestness and profiting from repression. This shirt has a black BLM fist on the front left chest, and "See, Hear, Support" on the back. We designed and printed one. A cool kid on a scooter named Chris pulled up and bought it for $10. We're willing to print more, but it would only be right if profits go to a good cause. If you follow this blog or our instagram, you've seen that we've been helping out a local black owned couture shop in Portla

Detroit, Michigan locals

Some big collaborations are developing here at Vertical Street. I was honored to be asked to do some testing for a bright young brand coming out of Michigan. Their roots run deep up by the lakes. These guys have some great disigns, but even greater cause. I'm hoping I get a chance to work with Paper Room. Did I mention they're using the good good -- eConscious organic cotton. When you print on eConscious, you know your design is going to look as sharp as possible, and y

Underbase Steal Your Face

Prior to printing color on a dark color, the DTG puts down a light underbase of white ink. This is why colors are so bright on dark garments. In this case the white underbase is on an eConscious organic cotton and recycled poly blend zip up hoodie. I see some blotting where maybe moisture got onto the pretreatment during pressing, but the colors in the final result hid those blemishes. If you don't know, steal your face is the classic Grateful Dead logo. I could make this

Starbucks ups

Since so many Starbucks are being burnt and looted right now, we thought we'd show a #stronglikecoffee shirt. We printed several of these for store managers in our area. They handed them out to their employees, as their cafes slowly reopenned following Covid19 shut downs, as wecome back presents. Like teachers, these managers use their own money when gifting to their employees like this. In case you're wondering, here's Starbucks reaction to the vandalization of their stor

Dragons on fire!

This graphic was supplied by a student @FIDM who is working on some fashion projects and ideas. The dragon is so popular, not just from the latest tv shows #gameofthrowns but for it's symbol of power and strength. #tattoos and prints with dragons are fire right now. Ultimately, I think this dragon might end up on a tie dye pullover, or a plain white pullover for this student's final take on East meets West. Either way, we love it! #fashion #fashionschool #merchandising #d


This image of the Portland MAX (Metropolitan Area Express) took some time. I have a full sized poster of the BART system in my garage that I got once when they were updating the maps. This is the kind of iconic image that lets people know where you're from, what you're about, and that you support mass transit. It's good for the earth! I thought about putting "PDX" or "MAX" on it, but I like it the way it is; a nod to locals, or something that needs no explaination. Rememb


Some shirt manufacturers use tear away tags so that us #dtgprinters can self brand our garments. It's never a bad idea to put your name on a quality piece. Unlike the previous blog post, where Vertical Street silently works in the background, this is a chance for us to shine and let the world know that the awesome color design on the sleeve or front or back of that shirt was made by us. Here's an example of how Vertical Street tags our garments: #pdxsmallbusiness #portland