Exploring textiles and pretreatment

There are so many nuances to pretreating materials for direct to garment printing, including textile type, conditions in the shop and the heat press used for drying. We've ordered multiple garments from Bella+Canvas and econscious in order to explore the best possible outcomes for the conditions here at Vertical Street. It is currently 26 degrees outside and we are attacking tri-blends, 50/50 and 100% cotton (organic too) and 100% polyester on the TreatBot and the George Kn

The Ink is Wet

Here we go, here we go, here we go. We haven't been this excited since we rotated our first crank out of Florence, OR on July 2, 2018 to start our cross country bicycle tour. Our #DTG printer is up and running! After hours of training and meticulous drilling with Omniprint International, we are certified and ready to print shirts, aprons, socks, totes, onesies, jerseys, pillow cases, blouses, hoodies, pants, hats, towels, get the idea - just about anything.