Blossom Glass

Local glass artist, Blossom Sky creats extraordinary pieces from her Portland studio. From pendants to pipes, Blossom's signature floral designs are sought after wearable and functional glass art. We were so happy when she asked us to do her shirts and hoodies. Here's one of the designs she asked for - her logo over a gradient rainbow background. You can find this crop hoodie on her shopify or instagram:

Thank you, yeah you.

I know we're not out of the woods yet, but we just want to thank you. Yes, you. Here we are at the transition point of the Covid epidemic, and we're already receiving orders for events, small businesses and stock replenishment. We're so grateful that you've thought of us for your printing needs, so early in the reopening stages. We are here for you and it's obvious you are here for us. Thank you. Below is a one off custome pullover hoodie for a dear friend. Hope they li

75% open? Order 75% of your apparel.

The beauty of the DTG printer is that we can print just one. Yup, our minimum order is one. There's no setup fee, no burning multiple screens, no putting semi-used ink back into the bottle. This process is efficient, and because of that you don't have to run out of all your sized before you replish your sold out sizes. You don't have to guess what size or design will sell the quickest. In fact, you could just print one of every size, then when you sell that one, call us


We understand that quarantine crafters have come out strong on poshmark and etsy especially the patchwork fashion crowd. Denim pants, tops, jackets and sweaters made from 15 upcycled pieces. We love and support upcycling and practice upcycling in the Vertical Street shop. We love adding a new print to a piece you want to breath new life into, more on that in another blog. However, if you're looking to add a print to your patchwork, just contact us. We can print whatever

Classroom Art Project

Recently an artist friend helped his daughter's class with a drawing project. Once the students designs were done, the class really wanted to show off their work. What better way than to have all of their art made to be wearable? This 4th grade class from Roseville, CA had 40 shirts printed up for students and parents (and of course, the teacher) to wear and display their creative Dino Otters. What a fun and educational experience! #4thgrade #elementaryschool #art #drawin

Vaccines, moderate risks, open doors, higher capacity

As we open our doors to more customers and the vaccine spreads quicker than the virus, we encourage you to print new uniforms, order branded merchandise, even update your logos to include more color. Vertical Street is here for your printing needs and we're happy to supply you with uniforms, aprons, branded merchandise and more. #vaccine #pdxsmallbiz #pdx #covid19 #reopen #grandopening #reopening #mech #brandedmerchandise #dtgprints #dtgprinting #printsdtg #verticalstreet #o

Your memories on a shirt, or tote, or apron, or pillow, or ...

Yes, my dad is wearing Van's. We all had to. The factory store was close by, they were inexpensive, and they lasted so long. This is Southern California, 1970 and my parents decided to rent a tandem and ride around the beach bike path. Helmet? ha! #dtg #dtgprinting #tshirts #newportbeach #irvine #orangecounty #santamonica #socal #vans #bike #tandem #beach #bikepath #1970

Smokey Knows

With every season, change, change, change. Change is afoot and the resistence won, but despite the Lincoln Project, Republicans Against Trump, and the Blue Wave, there was not a huge turning over of registered republicans. Plenty of republicans still voted their party. Unfortunately there is some confusion about what fascism is and what antifa means and what socialism is and what programs Americans themselves access that are indeed socialist in nature. This age of misinfo

Local Artists

You've seen our posts in the past, where we've had the privledge of printing art on garments. In these times when it's challenging to reach your customers, sometimes it's necessary to take the unconventional path. Do you want to offer your art on a shirt or tote? Maybe you haven't considered this before, and now you're interested in creating a new revenew channel? There are places online that will do this for you, but it's just a giant room of digital printers pumping out

Body Suit Caterpillar to Butterfly

This comfortable and stretchy, heathered body suit by Next Level is embellished with a rainbow caterpillar across the chest and a butterfly down below. We wanted a sign of metomorphosis, but a cocoon print seemed unidentifiable, so we chose a rainbow caterpillar. No one may see the butterfly, but those who it is revealed to will understand the transition from bug to beauty. #bodysuit #butterfly #caterpillar #metomorphosis #cocoon #transition @nextlevel #dtg #dtgprinting

Problem Solving

Do you like math? Do you like deductive reasoning? Do you like eliminating possibilities? Well, that is part of Direct To Garment Printing. The printers are so complex, with so many moving parts, not to mention the software. There will be problems to solve. You will experience issues if you choose to invest in one of these $20,000+ machines. I like to call mine a robot. It has squeegees and dampers and pumps and heads and nozzles and lines and motherboards and plattons.

Embrace your label

Hey POTUS, we're happy to be your scapegoat. How's that working out for you? #anarchistjurisdiction #pdx #portland #anarchy #protest #antifa #rudolph #pnw #visitportland #dtg #dtgprinting

Yoga Pants

A butterfly print on yoga pants can be a little tricky across the seam, but this turned out well. What do you think? #yoga #yogapants #sometimesiliketowearstretchypants #dtg #dtgprinting #butterfly #butterflies

Printing for cartoonist Mike Gray @pencilforhire

Vertical Street might be older than you think, and when you've walked this green earth long enough, you build up a pretty cool rolodex (contact list) of interesting friends. Mike Gray is one of those people! We used to be neighbors in Mountain View, CA. He is creator of Thom Cat, The Infinite Goliath, Ape Escape, and so much more. Mike is a teacher, father and all around good person with a sometimes twisted sense of humor. We were honored to print some of his drawings.


Unfortunately the passing of RGB wasn't the only bad news Vertical Street received this week. One of our closest friend's lost her husband on Monday, and the tears came gushing. This was a good man, a scientist, a cyclist, a sailor, a best friend to someone we truely care about. We had a pleasant lunch with this beautiful couple just a week ago, and we are so lucky that our parting words were, "we love you guys!" So lucky we snuck that in there. So to the Ginsberg Family


The end of an era. Sad that in 2020 we need to worry about back peddaling on women's rights issues. Can we take a vote that tomorrow be December 31st and we just end this year? As the product of a woman who was active in League of Women Voters, I respected RGB and feel the pain of her absence. May her legacy live on. #rgb #ruthginsberg #supremecourt #scotus #dtg #dtgprinting #fragilelikeabomb #leagueofwomenvoters #lwv

Our 50th Entry

Small tasks that might seem inconsequential, mundane, or irrelevant can build up to be something brilliant, compelling, and momentus. We're chipping away at it here at Vertical Street. We order the shirts, we pretreat the shirts, we press the pretreatment into the shirts, we print the shirts, we cure the ink, we package the shirts, we deliver the shirts. Although sometimes the repetetiveness of our work appears robotic, the fact is -- we love it! We are passionate about s

Paper Room

Please surf over to Paper Room Apparel ( They're out of Detroit. This print features a sign from the old neighborhood where Eric, of Paper Room grew up. It's a reminder of the days when his life was a little bit simpler, a little smaller. I say that because now his life is big. These designs are really going places, and are featured in street wear shops in the city. Support local, support Detroit, support Paper Room. This is a small label w

We're so Lucky!

We shipped off some pretty prints and some shop shirts to @southcoastbicycles the other day. The new owner, Jeff, and shop dog Ruby, were kind enough to let us carry a small line of bicyce and disc golf themed shirts in the shop. So go to Bandon and check out South Coast Bicycles, get some crab and a beer, take a ride on the beach, play some disc golf. I heard they have a new golf course. Rent a fat tire bike from SCB and ride along the waterline, it's beautiful! #bicycle

Working 9-5

Here's a classic concert shirt that we could only find a semi-descent washed out image of, so we spent a while cleaning it up. A dear friend and Dolly fan requested it, and as you can see, she's a bit indecisive when it comes to color , so.... The razor back tank is a poly/rayon/cotton blend, so I printed it as if was on 100% polyester, and it came out bright and great. Hopefully it washes well too. Who's your favorite singer? We have to admit, we're big Dolly fans as we