Tie Dye Prints

Vertical Street did some tie dye hoodies and long sleeve shirts and masks. Fun, colorful, and the prints look extra bold against the morphing dye colors. Popular and trendy, these tie dyes are for young and old. Let us know what we can do for you. #dtg #dtgprinting #dtgprints #tiedye #safesix #covid #mountainbike #mtb #dragon #hippy #gratefuldead #trippy

Underbase Steal Your Face

Prior to printing color on a dark color, the DTG puts down a light underbase of white ink. This is why colors are so bright on dark garments. In this case the white underbase is on an eConscious organic cotton and recycled poly blend zip up hoodie. I see some blotting where maybe moisture got onto the pretreatment during pressing, but the colors in the final result hid those blemishes. If you don't know, steal your face is the classic Grateful Dead logo. I could make this