We understand that quarantine crafters have come out strong on poshmark and etsy especially the patchwork fashion crowd. Denim pants, tops, jackets and sweaters made from 15 upcycled pieces. We love and support upcycling and practice upcycling in the Vertical Street shop. We love adding a new print to a piece you want to breath new life into, more on that in another blog. However, if you're looking to add a print to your patchwork, just contact us. We can print whatever

Throw pillows with custom designs

Want a plant, a fish, a phrase, a friend? Put whatever image you want on a throw pillow and decorate your couch, your bed, your guest room, your patio furniture. This is a 16x16" pillow wqith a beautiful, colorful butterfly. Contact us for pricing. #dtg #printdtg #dtgprints #butterfly #throwpillow #pillow #notmypillowguy #pdx #pdxsmallbusiness #portland #oregoncity #pnw

Local Artists

You've seen our posts in the past, where we've had the privledge of printing art on garments. In these times when it's challenging to reach your customers, sometimes it's necessary to take the unconventional path. Do you want to offer your art on a shirt or tote? Maybe you haven't considered this before, and now you're interested in creating a new revenew channel? There are places online that will do this for you, but it's just a giant room of digital printers pumping out

Embrace your label

Hey POTUS, we're happy to be your scapegoat. How's that working out for you? #anarchistjurisdiction #pdx #portland #anarchy #protest #antifa #rudolph #pnw #visitportland #dtg #dtgprinting

Our 50th Entry

Small tasks that might seem inconsequential, mundane, or irrelevant can build up to be something brilliant, compelling, and momentus. We're chipping away at it here at Vertical Street. We order the shirts, we pretreat the shirts, we press the pretreatment into the shirts, we print the shirts, we cure the ink, we package the shirts, we deliver the shirts. Although sometimes the repetetiveness of our work appears robotic, the fact is -- we love it! We are passionate about s

Your best friend on a shirt

Hi everyone. We were thrifting last week and came upon this shirt (third picture), so although it's not a Vertical Street dtg shirt, it got us thinking about our friend who painted our shop dog Burl (second picture). Not only can Susi paint your pet (or favorite wild flower), but Vertical Street can then put it on a wearable piece of art for you (shirt, hoodie, tote). We can caption it, or not. You can take your friend with you where ever you g

Business and Politics

Well, we just take the orders and print the shirts, right? Nah, we're going out on a limb here. Like most Americans, we're somewhere in the middle - moderates (and like most Americans, we didn't vote for Trump). When a customer came to us to order 10 #dumpTrump shirts, we gladly printed them a dozen. Why? Usually a republican administration is good for a small business like us; better tax breaks, incentives to employ others, etc. However, when it comes to this particula

See, Hear, Support

There's a fine line between earnestness and profiting from repression. This shirt has a black BLM fist on the front left chest, and "See, Hear, Support" on the back. We designed and printed one. A cool kid on a scooter named Chris pulled up and bought it for $10. We're willing to print more, but it would only be right if profits go to a good cause. If you follow this blog or our instagram, you've seen that we've been helping out a local black owned couture shop in Portla

Starbucks ups

Since so many Starbucks are being burnt and looted right now, we thought we'd show a #stronglikecoffee shirt. We printed several of these for store managers in our area. They handed them out to their employees, as their cafes slowly reopenned following Covid19 shut downs, as wecome back presents. Like teachers, these managers use their own money when gifting to their employees like this. In case you're wondering, here's Starbucks reaction to the vandalization of their stor


This image of the Portland MAX (Metropolitan Area Express) took some time. I have a full sized poster of the BART system in my garage that I got once when they were updating the maps. This is the kind of iconic image that lets people know where you're from, what you're about, and that you support mass transit. It's good for the earth! I thought about putting "PDX" or "MAX" on it, but I like it the way it is; a nod to locals, or something that needs no explaination. Rememb


Some shirt manufacturers use tear away tags so that us #dtgprinters can self brand our garments. It's never a bad idea to put your name on a quality piece. Unlike the previous blog post, where Vertical Street silently works in the background, this is a chance for us to shine and let the world know that the awesome color design on the sleeve or front or back of that shirt was made by us. Here's an example of how Vertical Street tags our garments: #pdxsmallbusiness #portland