Unfortunately the passing of RGB wasn't the only bad news Vertical Street received this week. One of our closest friend's lost her husband on Monday, and the tears came gushing. This was a good man, a scientist, a cyclist, a sailor, a best friend to someone we truely care about. We had a pleasant lunch with this beautiful couple just a week ago, and we are so lucky that our parting words were, "we love you guys!" So lucky we snuck that in there. So to the Ginsberg Family


The end of an era. Sad that in 2020 we need to worry about back peddaling on women's rights issues. Can we take a vote that tomorrow be December 31st and we just end this year? As the product of a woman who was active in League of Women Voters, I respected RGB and feel the pain of her absence. May her legacy live on. #rgb #ruthginsberg #supremecourt #scotus #dtg #dtgprinting #fragilelikeabomb #leagueofwomenvoters #lwv