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The beauty of the DTG printer is that we can print just one. Yup, our minimum order is one. There's no setup fee, no burning multiple screens, no putting semi-used ink back into the bottle. This process is efficient, and because of that you don't have to run out of all your sized before you replish your sold out sizes. You don't have to guess what size or design will sell the quickest. In fact, you could just print one of every size, then when you sell that one, call us

Your memories on a shirt, or tote, or apron, or pillow, or ...

Yes, my dad is wearing Van's. We all had to. The factory store was close by, they were inexpensive, and they lasted so long. This is Southern California, 1970 and my parents decided to rent a tandem and ride around the beach bike path. Helmet? ha! #dtg #dtgprinting #tshirts #newportbeach #irvine #orangecounty #santamonica #socal #vans #bike #tandem #beach #bikepath #1970

Problem Solving

Do you like math? Do you like deductive reasoning? Do you like eliminating possibilities? Well, that is part of Direct To Garment Printing. The printers are so complex, with so many moving parts, not to mention the software. There will be problems to solve. You will experience issues if you choose to invest in one of these $20,000+ machines. I like to call mine a robot. It has squeegees and dampers and pumps and heads and nozzles and lines and motherboards and plattons.

Work Shirts!

Ok, back to work. Wait! Stay home. Alright, get to work. Hold on! No, best you shelter in place. It's confusing, but what's not confusing is that you have a business and a brand, and we're here to help you sell it. Look at these dandy shirts for MRM Mobile Repair Service. They're smart enough to know that now is the best time to check some things off the old to-do list. Work shirts for your customers or team are a great way to advertise your services. Standing in lin

Bicycles and shirts

Congratulations to Jeff Botelho. He is in the process of purchasing South Coast Bicycles in Bandon. If you read our last post, you know we are passionate about bicycles and the bike community. We will be supporting Jeff in his new endeavor by volunteering our time and to help clean shop and branding some new shirts for the shop. What an exciting time to be a shop owner, with sales up around the nation, and the beautiful Oregon Coast on their doorstep, this could be the pe