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75% open? Order 75% of your apparel.

The beauty of the DTG printer is that we can print just one. Yup, our minimum order is one. There's no setup fee, no burning multiple screens, no putting semi-used ink back into the bottle. This process is efficient, and because of that you don't have to run out of all your sized before you replish your sold out sizes. You don't have to guess what size or design will sell the quickest. In fact, you could just print one of every size, then when you sell that one, call us and we'll preplenish it. This means you can hold low inventory or no backstock. print 5 different designs, and the one everybody buys, simply order more of those. You ordered a size run and now you're out of larges? Order 5 more larges. It's that easy. We're here for you 100% even if you're only ordering 1%. That's the advantage of DTG over silk screen. It's fast, and it's plug and play. Our prints are on high quality cotton tees, but we can do it on poly blends or 100% polyester if you'd like. Don't get stuck with backstock. Don't get stuck with an old logo from 3 years ago on the XS shirts you ordered. Give your logo a fresh look, print it in 6 different colors and see which one get's traction. DTG allows for your experimentation as you find out what your customers want in this post Covid economy. Give us a shout. We're here for you. 100%

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