• David Stanek

An exercise in marketing

Yesterday at Vertical Street we test printed many different logos, patterns, colors, and textiles in an effort to best present two different companies in two different industries. Included are two partial and cropped pictures of sample prints as not to reveal my customers identities without their permission. However, one client had two logos, one circular, one square. The other customer allowed us to custom design for their upcoming event. We worked with cotton t-shirts, blended t-shirts (dark and tan), and heavy cotton tote bags (off white).

The challenge was editing graphics provided by the customer so that they displayed on the garment in a crisp, clean, and outstanding (noticeable) way. Perhaps maroon pops on tan better than black. Maybe the image resolution needs improving, or perhaps the layout needs more or less negative space. These are all common concerns that Vertical Street is willing to work on with you - our valued customer.

The costs of tests we, run so that your final product stands out in your industry, are included in your purchase price. We do occasionally get projects that are as easy as a push of a button, but more often, we get projects that require some customization and tinkering in order to deliver a shirt or bag or apron that exceeds your expectations and lets you shine in front of your customers.

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