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Well, we just take the orders and print the shirts, right? Nah, we're going out on a limb here. Like most Americans, we're somewhere in the middle - moderates (and like most Americans, we didn't vote for Trump). When a customer came to us to order 10 #dumpTrump shirts, we gladly printed them a dozen. Why? Usually a republican administration is good for a small business like us; better tax breaks, incentives to employ others, etc. However, when it comes to this particulare brand of #GOP, Vertical Street confidently will not and does not support #Trump2020 Call us liberal, but look up the definition. Say we only listen to fake news, but our browser history includes no fewer than 15 world wide sources. Call us snowflakes, and we'll shred the powder on fat skis or a snowboard.

From the birther movement to the Access Hollywood tapes to the very fine people on both sides to mocking a disabled reporter, to advertising for a bean company; it's apparent this POTUS has no empathy. He was never made to look at circumstances from any perspective other than his own. Spoiled. There's no plan to attack the Covid empidemic. There's no plan to decrease police violence against unarmed blacks. The wall will be finished in 27 years at the current rate. There's no replacement of healthcare act. There's no manufacturing being brought back to America. There's no corporations that avoid US taxes being made to pay. There's no draining of the swamp. There's no accountability, rather blame. He even blamed Obama for covid. There's not even an agenda for his next four years when he was asked by Hannity. His strategy is himself. Total self absorption. Because I am Trump, you should do as I say.

So if you're Trump's base, if you're part of the 33% of Americans that agrees with this man no matter what, know that we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone (except a protected class - of which you are not).

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