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Custom branded masks from N'Kossi

April 30th Oregon Live published an article about Jean Pierre Nugloze's couture fashion boutique N'Kossi donating face masks to nonprofits. 

When I read the article, it inspired me to assist Jean Pierre.  The article touched on N'Kossi's struggle as a small business in downtown Portland, but never mentioned that N'Kossi is a black owned business (although the photo may have made it obvious).  Whenever I meet with Jean Pierre, as I did yesterday, I walk past a smashed front window and into a different world of patterns and designs.  My part is simple; pick up face masks and print a business logo on them.  These brightly colored, hand crafted, masks have African prints, lined with cotton, then finished with elastic ear straps.  He makes them in different sizes and they are comfortable.  Portland businesses are branding them with their logos for employees and resale.  That’s where my direct to garment printing business Vertical Street helps; we donate time and ink to N'Kossi so that Jean Pierre can supply more masks and increase profits.  During Covid it's hard to sell designer dresses and sports coats when there's no events to wear them to.  However, check out N'Kossi's more casual attire, like their jumpers and shirts.  Let's come together to help each other and make sure unique small businesses in downtown Portland survive.

News: we have entered into a partnership with N'Kossi. Streamline your branding while protecting your employees. See the attachment below for price breaks.

Download PDF • 251KB

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