• David Stanek

Exploring textiles and pretreatment

There are so many nuances to pretreating materials for direct to garment printing, including textile type, conditions in the shop and the heat press used for drying. We've ordered multiple garments from Bella+Canvas and econscious in order to explore the best possible outcomes for the conditions here at Vertical Street. It is currently 26 degrees outside and we are attacking tri-blends, 50/50 and 100% cotton (organic too) and 100% polyester on the TreatBot and the George Knight press. Based on the results, we will be upgrading our pretreatment methods to exclude the #treatbot I think they're out of business, my email inquiry bounced back. We used dark cotton, light cotton and light polyester pretreatment solution from Gamut Plus to ready our garments. However, the TreatBot does not allow nozzle adjustment, only speed adjustment, and the current spray is less of a mist and more of a shower and drip, streaking the material and missing areas. Multiple passes helped, but dry times increased.

All of this experimentation is done so that Vertical Street can deliver the best possible DTG prints to our customers. Just like baking, you have to eat the mistakes; in DTG printing, you have to wear the mistakes! If you see someone in Oregon City wearing a goofy shirt, it could be us! Each of the prints that were less than perfect were not seen as a waste of resources, but rather as a leaning experience that allows us to eliminate a specific scenario and get closer to the perfect #dtg print. When you see us, ask us for a "tester shirt" and we'll see if we have one in your size, you can wear a goofy shirt too!

Printing on canvas tote bags, heavy industrial aprons, thick cotton hoodies, tri-blend t-shirts, organic cotton and bamboo, light and dark, heather and black; it all requires custom treatment, custom ink settings, specific temperatures for curing. At Vertical Street, we're dedicated to knowing exactly how to make your design the best it can be. Let us know your needs, and we'll work with you to deliver your project with bright and beautiful colors on the material of your choosing. #elevatedclothing

Bright colors on poly-blend shirt

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