• David Stanek

Helping my neighbor

Recently I read an article in the Orgonian about a local clothing designer whose boutique was struggling during the Coronavirus outbreak. Afterall, who was going to buy a hand stitched one of a kind blazer when there's nowhere to sport it? The owner, the article went on to say, had pivoted to making stylish face masks, and was experiencing some success. I contacted him to see if I could help in any way possible, printing or branding his merchandise. We had a couple phone meetings, then a (masked) face to face. I delivered his logo, test printed onto a t-shirt. I picked up some test material to see how the logo will print on the inside liner and outside layer of the masks he makes. This small print will be pro bono. This is a struggling business, downtown portland for 5 years, now doing whatever they can to stay afloat in this strange time. My hope is that as face masks become the norm, he will continue to sell them, and as things get back to normal his business will return to selling the beautiful couture that is displayed in big picture windows along side his other brightly colored dresses and jackets.

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