• David Stanek

Neighborhood Activist

This gentleman walks the main road by our shop daily in a "Dump Trump" t shirt that he made with sharpie. He and his wife wave at passing cars and he gets several honks as citizens agree -- Dump Trump! Well, we thought he should have a proper shirt, so we printed him up something more visible and official, went on and found his neighbor, who contacted him, and set up this meeting. Fast forward one week, and he called yesterday and requested two "Dump Trump/Russia" shirts. He felt that would be even more poignant to political current events. There have been three other neighbors who saw this post on and contacted us for shirts as well. Not to be big shots, but we trended on Nextdoor for a couple days with this story. Thanks to everyone for doing their part. Small, consistent actions by each one of us is what will defeat tyannus governments.

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