• David Stanek

Our Roots

We hope that these past months you've had a chance to read, in general. Specifically, in the past few weeks, perhaps you were exposed to some history? There's a lot of people talking about US History, and we've found it fascinating. We're learning some new things here at Vertical Street, very enlightening.

We thought we'd take the time to share our brief history, and where our roots have taken to the earth. If you recall from our first blog, and some of our Instagram posts; we were cycling across country two years ago today. July 2nd we left from Florence, OR, and by the 7th we were waking up after an evening of #Crawfest in Mitchell, and heading to Baker City to drink some beer at #BarleyBrowns . Of course, the #WorldCup was on, so we cranked extra hard into the wind to get to a television before the match ended.

When we reflected on our choices of where in this great country to live, Oregon's siren song sweatly outplayed New England, The Rockies, The Great Lakes, and The Great Plains. Once in Oregon City, we set up shop with an Omniprint Freejet 330TX Plus direct to garment printer, a Knight auto release heat press and a positive outlook on learning a new machine....robot....actually, he goes by Gra (Gray, short for Gradient).

Some of our first clients were family and friends. With welcoming smiles, the community started giving us orders, and we were able to build relationships with tap room and brewery owners, craftsman and small business', event coordinators and restaurant managers, and of course, other screen and vinyl printers. What a crazy 18 months it's been. We are grateful. Thank you all for your continued business, and for making us feel welcome.

As always, we are here for your printing need. As always, our minimum order is one.

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