• David Stanek

Political T-shirts

Maybe it's the current climate in the USA, or maybe we're carving out a niche for ourselves, but it sure seems like Vertical Street is printing up a lot more political shirts these days. Maybe people are sick and tired of being sick and tired, so they're speaking out about the things that matter, the things they truely believe in. It feels good to tell the world how you feel. Let a stranger know, let a relative see, watch a passerby read the message on your shirt. This is a time for action. Yesterday in the Willamette, a boat parade of about 30 Trump supporters dangerously pushed all other boats off the water. Total, there were probably a couple hundred people on those boats. A one time thing, mixed with recreation on the river, dangerously coming close to kayakers and smaller boats. However, every night there are thousands gathering to protest in the street, not drinking on a river with $50k boats, but taking gas and rubber bullets with cardboard shields and tennis shoes. This is America. Stand up for what you believe in, make your voice heard, and VOTE!

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