• David Stanek

Problem Solving

Do you like math? Do you like deductive reasoning? Do you like eliminating possibilities? Well, that is part of Direct To Garment Printing. The printers are so complex, with so many moving parts, not to mention the software. There will be problems to solve. You will experience issues if you choose to invest in one of these $20,000+ machines. I like to call mine a robot. It has squeegees and dampers and pumps and heads and nozzles and lines and motherboards and plattons..... There is a lot to learn. Be a realist, be a logical thinker. This is not silk screening. This is not vinyle cut outs. The DTG community needs to rise above and the consumer might take note to understand, that the product we deliver is beyond anything they've seen before. We print photographs for Pete's sake. We print gradiant coloring. Our point is, in the midst of all this, things happen. A pump or damper goes out. A print head needs cleaning. A line needs priming. This is also an art form, no matter what silk screeners think. We have our own problems to solve, our own nuances, our own set up and art form. DTG is not just pushing buttons to print. We are thinkers. We are artists in our own right.

This image shows an issue with banding and yellow ink not flowing correctly. We trouble shoot and solve the problem. We're back online.

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