• David Stanek

See, Hear, Support

There's a fine line between earnestness and profiting from repression. This shirt has a black BLM fist on the front left chest, and "See, Hear, Support" on the back. We designed and printed one. A cool kid on a scooter named Chris pulled up and bought it for $10. We're willing to print more, but it would only be right if profits go to a good cause. If you follow this blog or our instagram, you've seen that we've been helping out a local black owned couture shop in Portland by printing face mask linings for them at no charge. Therefore, all additional prints and profits of this t-shirt design will go to that business. They have not asked for this. They know nothing about it, and I doubt they read this blog (does anyone read this blog?). However, our cost would allow us to donate about $10 per shirt for each $20 shirt sold. So contact us and order yours now. Twenty dollars plus shipping, and I'll give $10 of each shirt to N'Kassi. Local Portland area pick up available (delivery may also be available within the Portland area). Thank you in advance, let's surprise them with a decent sized check. Can we get 10 orders?

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