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Starbucks ups

Since so many Starbucks are being burnt and looted right now, we thought we'd show a #stronglikecoffee shirt. We printed several of these for store managers in our area. They handed them out to their employees, as their cafes slowly reopenned following Covid19 shut downs, as wecome back presents. Like teachers, these managers use their own money when gifting to their employees like this.

In case you're wondering, here's Starbucks reaction to the vandalization of their stores:

"I know that as a store manager or operator, it's incredibly painful to see your store hit during a riot, and my thoughts are with you today. I want to reiterate our number on priority is to keep partners safe, and that we will get through this together. Any damaged property can always be replaced...but lives cannot. George, Ahmanud, Breonna and the countless others before them didn't deserve to be robbed of their humanity. We have to say as a nation: enough is enough. And it starts with our individual actions, and how we choose to stand up for one another and lead with empathy, understanding and an open heart. I know this because Starbucks partners are living proof that a better, kinder world is in fact possible."

They aren't distracted by the riots, and continue to focus on the real issue - inhumane treatment of blacks in America.

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