• David Stanek

The Ink is Wet

Here we go, here we go, here we go. We haven't been this excited since we rotated our first crank out of Florence, OR on July 2, 2018 to start our cross country bicycle tour. Our #DTG printer is up and running! After hours of training and meticulous drilling with Omniprint International, we are certified and ready to print shirts, aprons, socks, totes, onesies, jerseys, pillow cases, blouses, hoodies, pants, hats, towels, get the idea - just about anything.

With great support from Richard at Omnipress, Aaron at George Knight, Tala at Ryonet, and Cory at Cedar House Media, we are up and running - ready to fulfill small orders. Your band, your cafe, your taphouse, your brewery, your food truck, your pizza joint, your family reunion, your team, your gift - send us your graphic (or we'll work with you to create one), and we'll print it directly onto the garment of your choice - MINIMUM ORDER = ONE.

That's right, even if you have a logo or design with 16 colors, we can still just print one, no sweat. Our prices are based on the garment you choose, quantity ordered, the amount of pretreatment solution, the cost of ink used, and a labor fee. No, we're not $5 t-shirts, but that's because we use quality products, and each piece is personally handled and cared for by a real human. Each project we take in house is customized by our designers to become print friendly, and we work directly with you to find the best product, value, and outcome for your specific order.

Thank you from Vertical Street to everyone who has helped get us here and to all our future customers!





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