• David Stanek

The Name: Vertical Street

Vertical Street direct to garment printing service was created in Oregon City, OR in January of 2019. With the acquisition of one of the industry's top rated DTG printers, the Omniprint Freejet 330TX Plus, Vertical Street is able to print on cottons, blends, and 100% polyester.

Vertical Street is named as a tribute to Oregon City's municipal elevator on 7th Street. The only vertical street in the United States, the municipal elevator is a public access, art deco lift that anyone can ride from the bottom of 7th Street (just beyond the Arch Bridge) to High Street and the upper business district of Oregon City.

Easily seen from Highway 205, the eye catching elevator looks like a 1950's UFO, or a rotating restaurant. However, the renovated and free elevator is chalk full of local historical images and information. The covered hallway leading up to the lower doors, and the viewing deck above are covered in lenticular images depicting Oregon City and it's residents from the turn of the 20th Century. The window glass of the fully protected viewing deck are etched with additional local geographical details.

What a gift, to have such a unique and special utility in our city! The only public outdoor elevator in the USA, our very own convenient way to scale the steep rocks of the Willamette River Gorge - this Vertical Street is one of only three in the world.

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